Telemetry Status by Variable
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Site List=GROUP(PLUVIO_STATIONS), Datasource=TE, Run on 2021/12/07 09:30:44
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Site Site Name Basin Sub-Basin Telemtry

BALONNE_COND - Balonne-Condamine Basin

4223P001 Bryn Euryn_Pluvio Balonne-Condamine Condamine INMARSAT 30m

BRISBANE - Brisbane Basin

1430P001 Thornville_Pluvio Brisbane Brisbane 4G/IoT 30m

BURDEKIN - Burdekin Basin

1202P001 Ernest Ck_Pluvio Burdekin Bowen INMARSAT 30m
1202P002 Mt William_Pluvio Burdekin Bowen INMARSAT 30m

BURNETT - Burnett Basin

1361P002 Boolaroo Tops_Pluvio Burnett Burnett (b) 4G/IoT 30m
1362P001 Mortimer_Pluvio Burnett Barambah 4G/IoT 30m
1362P002 Dandabah_Pluvio Burnett Barambah 4G/IoT 30m

BURRUM - Burrum Basin

1371P002 Fairlies Knob_Pluvio Burrum Gregory 4G/IoT 30m

DON - Don Basin

1210P001 Pretty Bend_Pluvio Don Don INMARSAT 30m

FITZROY - Fitzroy Basin

1301P001 Blackdown_Pluvio Fitzroy Mackenzie 4G/IoT 3.5h
1303P001 Boxvale_Pluvio Fitzroy Dawson 4G/IoT 30m
1303P002 Cockatoo_Pluvio Fitzroy Dawson 4G/IoT 30m
1303P003 Kroombit Tops_Pluvio Fitzroy Dawson INMARSAT 30m
1303P004 Beschs Hill_Pluvio Fitzroy Fitzroy 4G/IoT 30m
1303P005 Blackboy_Pluvio Fitzroy Dawson 4G/IoT 30m
1303P006 Blue Hills_Pluvio Fitzroy Dawson 4G/IoT 30m
1303P007 Upper Dee_Pluvio Fitzroy Dawson 4G/IoT 30m
1303P008 Peek-A-Doo_Pluvio Fitzroy Dawson 4G/IoT 30m
1304P001 Mt Spencer_Pluvio Fitzroy Isaac 4G/IoT 30m
1304P002 Middlemount_Pluvio Fitzroy Isaac 4G/IoT 30m
1304P003 Mt Ewan_Pluvio Fitzroy Isaac 4G/IoT 30m
1305P001 Cowley_Pluvio Fitzroy Comet 4G/IoT 30m
1305P002 Glenora Rd_Pluvio Fitzroy Comet 4G/IoT 30m
1305P003 Helen Downs_Pluvio Fitzroy Comet 4G/IoT 30m
1305P004 Katrina_Pluvio Fitzroy Comet 4G/IoT 30m
1305P005 Red Rock_Pluvio Fitzroy Comet 4G/IoT 30m

FLINDERS - Flinders Basin

9150P001 Selwyn_Pluvio Flinders Cloncurry INMARSAT 3.5h
9150P002 Black Gorge_Pluvio Flinders Cloncurry ? 30m
9152P001 Glen Idol_Pluvio Flinders Cloncurry 4G/IoT 30m

HERBERT - Herbert Basin

1160P001 Chalumbin_Pluvio Herbert Herbert Globalstar 30m
1160P002 White Crystal Herbert Herbert INMARSAT 30m

JOHNSTONE - Johnstone Basin

1120P001 Fishers Ck_Pluvio Johnstone North Johnstone 4G/IoT 30m

KOLAN - Kolan Basin

1350P002 Bania_Pluvio Kolan Kolan 4G/IoT 30m

LOGAN_ALBERT - Logan-Albert Basin

1450P001 Burnett Ck_Pluvio Logan-Albert Logan INMARSAT 30m
1450P003 Mt Barney_Pluvio Logan-Albert Logan 4G/IoT 30m
1450P004 Upper Running_Pluvio Logan-Albert Logan 4G/IoT 30m

MITCHELL - Mitchell Basin

9190P001 Black Mtn_Pluvio Mitchell Mitchell Globalstar 30m

OCONNELL - O'Connell Basin

1240P001 Sandy Plateau_Pluvio O''Connell O''Connell 4G/IoT 30m

PINE - Pine Basin

1420P001 Mt Mee_Pluvio Pine Caboolture 4G/IoT 30m

PIONEER - Pioneer Basin

1250P001 Teemburrra_Pluvio Pioneer Pioneer 4G/IoT 30m
1250P002 Finch Hatton_Pluvio Pioneer Pioneer INMARSAT 30m

PROSERPINE - Proserpine Basin

1220P001 Hecate_Pluvio Proserpine Proserpine INMARSAT 30m

SOUTH_COAST - South Coast Basin

1460P002 Illinbah_Pluvio South Coast Coomera 4G/IoT 30m

STRADBROKE_IS - Stradbroke Basin

1440P001 NSI at RN14400085A Moreton Bay Islands Stradbroke 4G/IoT 1111d
1441P001 Moreton at 14410005A Moreton Bay Islands Stradbroke 4G/IoT 1218d

TULLY - Tully Basin

1130P001 Koolmoon Ck_Pluvio Tully Tully Globalstar 30m
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10.00 Rainfall (mm) 91.3% 4.3% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 4.3%